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The Most Dangerous Gamer

I’ve been waiting for this joke for ages


Everything about this is beautiful.

Remember folks, consoles/pcs don’t make you a gamer. Specific genres don’t make you a gamer. Specific games don’t make you a gamer. Playing a game on the hardest difficult, or for XX amount of hours a day doesn’t make you a gamer.

If you enjoy playing videogames at all—any kind of videogames, guess what you are a gamer :)


I have a copy of The Cat Lady  which I don’t need seeing as I have two copies of the game already. I really love the game and would like somebody else to play it instead of it languishing in my email.

So I’m going to give it away!

The rules:

*Both likes and reblogs count.

*Don’t need to be following me.

*Game has a lot of mature themes so 18+ only please.

*What will happen is that you will get a gift link and a steam key so it’s probably a good idea if you have steam.

*This ends today midnight UTC.

*Signal boosts are welcomed but please tag it as such.

Thanks and good luck!

I already have a copy of this game (marking this as a signal boost), so I thought I’d point my watchers to this chance to get a free copy of the game.

As stated above the game covers a lot of mature themes. It contains gore, violence, abuse on so many different levels, and various themes about death, dying, and afterlife (if you squint maybe, been sometime since I’ve replayed it.)

But over all the game has a focus on depression. I realize that’s not exactly the gimmicky kind of topic that hooks gamers, but understanding depression and how it affects people is very integral to understanding the core of this game. The game follows Susan Ashworth, a woman who has reached her middle ages, and wants to end her life. While the game play takes a lot of horror driven and dark turns, players really are going through a story that puts “Mrs. A” on the path to recovery for the better.

If you don’t think you can play a game about an adult woman who is bitter and thinks she has nothing else in life but the cats she cares for (and even that doesn’t help as the game’s opening would have us believe), if you think that your first thoughts about Susan is "Goooood she is such a debby downer, stop being so depressed!" than move along, you are not mature enough for this game and you probably would not enjoy the finer details of Susan’s journey outside the gore.

As for gameplay, it is a “point and click action adventure game” with the exception that there is no pointing and clicking. The game was designed with laptop users in mind, so the game only implements the keyboard for any searching. As per course of the genre, the game relies on puzzles and thinking through some intense situations versus throwing you into any labor intensive combat.

The art style of the game I really feel fits the mood and tone set by the story. It might be easy to glance at it and call it simplistic compared to triple A titles and such, but I love everything about it. The soundtrack is wonderful as well and, again, fits the mood of the game. I enjoyed both the instrumental tracks and the additional sung music provided by Warmer, Tears of Mars, and 5iah so much so that there are times where I get the desire to play one specific track or another every so often [ie. I actively desire to listen to these songs versus just having yet another videogame soundtrack on my ipod just to pass the bus commute to work.]

The game is reasonably priced regularly, so even if you don’t win the code through this user I do encourage anyone interested to play it. Even those who think they don’t have the kind of skills and coordination needed or associated to play games, because that’s the beauty of most action-adventure games is that usually the nature of the gameplay lends itself well to those who don’t consider themselves gamers or just starting getting into games.

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