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Nope. Couldn’t do it. Couldn’t bring myself to kill Falere.

GDI Lessus mission, Samara wasn’t even around and this mission still made me cry.

It’s unfortunate that Morinth was put by the wayside. It would’ve been so interesting to see her there trying to reconnect with the sisters she hadn’t seen in 400 years. It may have been nice to see her in the position Rila was in, being converted and setting off the bomb so her sisters could live. It would’ve given a lot of weight and additional substance to an underdeveloped character. Or seeing her taken there so that her popping up as a banshee later would seem warranted or flow smoother from a narrative perspective.

Fuck it. Fuck Samara’s family and the horrible conflicting tragic feels all of you give me.

Well, I’ve run virus scans, maleware scans, ran disk cleanup, defragged the computer, system restore, and even ran cccleaner to tidy up registery/other files.

I think I’ve done everything I could for it. *takes off hat, plays trumpet sounds for fallen heroes*

Some older versions of manga studio are real cheap. I also have a list of alternatives to photoshop, several of em free. I’ll dig it up and send it tou
That would be helpful, thanks :)
I’ve actually considered picking up manga studio to use as a companion in addition to photoshop recently. So I’m sure that’s one of the few I’ll have to look into further. I technically have PaintToolSai 1.0. And while it’s great for correcting sketches, there’s a really roundabout way to make brushes and it doesn’t seem to have any text options and such. So while I use that for something, it really doesn’t suit my overall needs in an art program.
Apparently though Adobe’s new programs run on a subscription basis? On one hand, I can see where it’d be more cost efficient for customers since their programs tend to run high. But on the other it seems so stupid on a functionality standpoint. I mean, maybe I’m not grasping the whole picture, but it seems like such a huge drawback :/

I’m a bit frustrated right now. Yesterday I had some weird problems with my Photoshop program. I would enable two guidelines to make a  very narrow spot then use my selection tool to select the space between the guidelines, then try to flood fill with the paint bucket…to only get photoshop to tell me there was an error, refuse to follow the action, then freeze up.

I worked with the program for hours yesterday to resolve it, ran virus programs, everything. Eventually I thought I fixed it. I tinkered with the flood fill settings and the scratch disk settings and things seemed fine. I try to load up photoshop this morning, it complained about the scratch disks:

I knew I would have to switch the settings again, but Photoshop immediately crashed before loading up the full program. Trying to start photoshop several times after that resorted with the same problem. Restarting did nothing.

I wanted to avoid uninstalling and reinstalling the program the other day. But clearly now I had no choice. Photoshop refused to open, and without it open I couldn’t change the settings it was freaking out about. So I uninstalled it.

Except now it refuses to reinstall. I’ll put my disk in, it’ll start going through it’s process then just stop deciding to run.

It gets this far in loading up the install, then just decide it’s not going to do things any more.

I’ve tried running the install as “run as admin,” I’ve tried restarting. I may have had Photoshop issues running on Windows 7, but I’ve never had troubles ever installing the program. I’m just stumped, and feeling a bit empty about the whole ordeal. Realistically, Photoshop 7 is ancient in terms of art programs. While it ran well on Vista, it does suffer a few hiccups running on Windows 7. Everything about this experience indicates that I really should just cave in and upgrade to a more current art program. However, I’ve been out of the loop in terms of what’s current enough but still cheap enough to afford.

When I initially bought Photoshop 7 (over 10 years ago), it had been around awhile, and I had purchased it through Amazon for $100. So ideally I can justify up to that cost. I used Photoshop for a multitude of things, less about photo editing and more on digital cg art. It was diverse enough that I could work on comic pages and create halftone patterns for them. And I liked that I could make my own brushes with ease. Again, ideally it would be nice if I could be able to import the brushes I made from 7 into a newer program.

Also, while I do have a crappy, horribly out dated tablet, Photoshop 7 really was crap for tablet sensitivity usage. When I did use my tablet, all the brushes would be used with the sensitivity off. While I could work with that handicap for coloring pieces, I’ve never really had the kind of precision to even consider dabbling into digital inking. It would be nice to actually work with a vectoring program too.

So I don’t know guys. I’m gonna try and install this a few times I think, but I think it’s time to gather opinions in terms of looking for a suitable upgrade.

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