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One common misconception people have about bisexual people is that the abbreviation “bi” is short for “bisexual”, when really it stands for “Black Island”, the place where all bisexual people are born and raised by pirates. All bisexual people are pirates. Run

did you mean



Yo ho ho give us your booty.

I love you internet. Let me give you a big ol’ hug.

X3 Because the two dates with Traynor were amazing. Especially the renegade choices, heh heh heh.

Traynor’s determination to get Melody goes hand in hand with the fact Melody has attempted to bone *everything* just for the hell of it. I think she was rather shocked someone pulled the same kind of moves over her XD If this Shepard were to ever “settle down” and attempt to be a committed partner, I’d have a feeling Traynor would be it.

…the conversations between Joker and Traynor about Edi and Shepard being 30% cybernetic is amazing.

Dating Traynor was a good life decision.

Also, the Traynor dates are so funny when she’s your love interest. I cannot get over it, Traynor is so fucking wonderful. Hearint that she baited Shepard during the shower scene earlier is perfect. Melody can totally get behind this.

"We have beef. We have bacon. And we have beer. The foods of my people."

Kaidan, it has taken the entire 3 games and the Citadel DLC. And that one phrase has turned so much around for me. Where was this Kaidan during ME1?

Also the sheer horror of Shepard’s face after Kaidan said he was going to cook is probably the best thing ever.

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