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It’s now my headcanon that Shiala totally had a thing for Benezia (I completely, and utterly blame theivorytowercrumbles’ fic At The Meridian)

However, I also like to think that after the reaper war, once those she’s thorian-connected with on Zhu’s Hope die off (be it from the war or decades later) that she would reconnect with Liara due to residual obligations from Benezia. Throw in Liara channeling a lot of her mother’s words/mannerisms… And I can’t help but think there would be this painful romance of Shiala trying to connect with someone who isn’t really there—Liara reminding her as such, but indulging Shiala all the same because—Damn it, Liara also misses her mother, her innocence, her life before this stupid destructive war, and Shiala’s the closest damn thing to what life was like before all that.

I think, whenever I do get a chance to play a second run through of ME, I’m gonna try going a little more renegade instead of paragon.

Will romance Kaiden in ME1—if only to attempt to understand him better and decide if I was being too harsh on him the first time around. This also means I will make Kaiden the Virmire survivor.

I’m going to do the Therum quest last of the 3 plot arcs for 2 reasons. The first is so I don’t get distracted enough to try and date Liara when I’m trying to understand Kaiden’s character better. And secondly, I heard the “Liara thinks she’s hallucinating” conversation is absolutely hilarious.

I don’t think I can handle Wrex dying though, so…nope. However killing off the council and putting Udina in charge? Yeah, think I’ll try that.

As far as Me2 though, the only two things I’ve worked out for certain is that I’m going to actually see what romancing Kelly is like and that I’m going to choose Morinth over Samara. As much as it pains me to think of  killing Samara, I really want to hear Morinth’s side of the story. What has life been like for this serial killer on the run for 400 years trying to avoid death at the hands of her mother? Also, would love to sleep with Morinth on an alternate save, if anything but for the lols.

And as far as ME3 is concerned, the only thing I’ve mentally planned out is dating Trayner…depending on how I’m feeling overall about Kaiden once I get to this point. Trying to be open minded about him, but I’ve a feeling I’ll end up dating Trayner anyway (fuck, I’ll sleep with Allers too).  And, I’m debating between Synthesis ending or killing the child VI—because if I can’t “have it all” I may as well let everyone die (Oh god, is this like going to be this Shepard’s view on love life too?)

Also, alcohol will be a thing this play through. The only time I had Shepard drink before was with Dr. Chakwas. I’ve heard there was a lot of humor I missed by not drinking.

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